The Current Channel

#Deep13 is currently on the PsiGenix IRC Network, administrated by a few former channel regulars. While mostly inactive, you can still access it via the HTML5 Kiwi IRC client below:

Alternatively, you can use your own IRC client. If you are not sure which one to use, we recommend you via check your desktop or mobile operating system's app store and choose the most reliable client you can find. You can connect to PsiGenix via the IRC server, port 6667.

The Past

#Deep13 has previously been seen on the following IRC networks:


The DarkonZero Collection

A repository of unorganized logs was provided to us from longtime regular DarkonZero, spanning the years 1999 to 2004. They have been formatted to HTML using the irclog2html script for easier reading, although they are listed in directory format based on their original filenames.

Featured Logs

A few logs of interest have been "remastered" for web viewing to match original mIRC formatting: the three "Secret Files of #Deep13" logs which were featured on the original site, and the infamous September 11th log. All the logs have been gathered from various log collections.