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"And I quote..."

Archive of sounds created between 2010 and 2011 using WWE announcer Michael Cole's "general manager" catchphrase, a second coming of the "Blue's Clues" joke from a decade earlier.


Short-lived podcast hosted by John J. (Sentroid91) discussing the new season of MST 3K and other topics.

Skype Sound Clips (MP3 format):

Enter Key
Just another harmless conversation, until RobertoKay's ENTER key goes haywire.
Garbled Story
Jouva attempts to relay a story about getting paid, but his wireless connection has his audio stretch out across three counties.
Happy New Year, Joey
Sentroid91 rings in 2011 by having too much to drink and (kinda) sending Joey a text message.
Have A Safe Flight Gnome
For DarkonZero, it's hard to say goodbye... literally.
My Ass
An innocent discussion about a pair of YouTube videos titled "My Ass" and "My Ass 2" is too much for DarkonZero to handle.
Off The Wall Golf
On one unusual night of playing World Golf Tour, Jo, DZ and Rob find their golf balls bouncing in bizarre directions.
The Lawsuit
Roughly a year after #Deep13 made up their own bogus lawsuit, they decide to re-visit an actual Jonathan Lee Riches lawsuit.

Sound File Repository

Fairly standard directory of WAV files that have been passed around the download folders of many regulars over the years.

Miscellaneous Documents

Log files are now available in the IRC section.

Lawsuit Press Release

During a Skype chat in 2009, we decided to create our own bogus lawsuit after reading about the litigious exploits of Jonathan Lee Riches. This is the press release we (never) used to announce it. (NOTE: This is a PDF file.)

Skype Chat Log

A log of the group chat within the general Skype room utilized by #Deep13 regulars during weekend meetups between 2010 and 2013.

External Links

Club MST3k

Back in #Deep13's prime, wanting to watch a specific episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 meant waiting for reruns or trading tapes... if you lived in the U.S. Today, this site lets you watch almost EVERY episode online through the magic of YouTube. (Season 11 episodes are available on Netflix.)

LiveJournal Community

No longer active, the #Deep13 LiveJournal community was formed in 2002 and remained active until 2007, roughly the same timeline when LiveJournal itself was a popular internet destination.

Wayback Machine: deep13.org

Incomplete snapshots of the original site which existed from 1999 to its closure in 2008 are available through the Internet Archive. Future archives may be listed. Be mindful of broken links and images.


Slipstream Riff

Our amusing, albeit subpar MST 3K-style riff of the 1989 film, Slipstream. Originally done on June 11th, 2011.


Numerous videos featuring #Deep13 regulars have been uploaded to YouTube for your enjoyment: